Why You Shouldn’t Vaccinate Your Child/ren

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t vaccinate your kids.

***This post contains highly sarcastic language, consider yourself warned***

I’m sure there are millions of reasons out there as to why you should vaccinate your children. You know the ones people like to throw out like “The reason we vaccinate is to keep deadly out breaks from happening again.” Well, Duh. I’m sure we all know a Scientist who likes to sit around creating complicated life saving concoctions just for the heck of it.  Fortunately for us, we don’t live in the dark ages where the fear of catching the mumps and dying because there was no vaccination to keep our children safe, because our parents got us the vaccines we needed.

Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden we’re hearing of measle and mump outbreaks? Maybe its because these really smart, well informed people were making medical decisions with their Dr. Google degree. Oh Wait! It could also be because some movie star who shall remain nameless(because I’m to lazy to google search her name again) and a “Doctor”(In case you haven’t heard, made a statement claiming his research was all made up)  said vaccines were what “gave” her son autism…. Wait… You can catch autism? I thought it was noncontagious…

Why don’t I vaccinate my kids?

Well actually you’re wrong on that count, I do vaccinate my children. You thought I was being serious on NOT vaccinating? Yeah…No. I actually feel very passionate about vaccinating. I’m one of those , you do what you want as long as it doesn’t affect me and mine. You mind your business, I’ll mind mine. Well not getting vaccines does affect me and mine now. My youngest was diagnosed with 22q Deletion. Unfortunately one of the many many many symptoms of 22qD is a lower immune system. On top of the lower immune system, he also has a low T-Cell count which means he cannot get live vaccines. So not only does he catch every little sniffle that comes near him, when he goes to school and its a breeding ground for who knows what, hes also surrounded with the unknowns. Like did all the kids in his class get all their vaccines so he doesn’t catch a murderous virus that could potentially kill him?

If you don’t vaccinate, or plan on not vaccinating…

If you are one of those parents who don’t or are not planing to vaccinate, please, please do your research. Don’t just google “Why I shouldn’t vaccinate” but also search “Why I should vaccinate.” Do your research on WHY we have these certain vaccines. Keep in mind all those kids, like my youngest, who have lower immune or no immune systems at all. They rely on us to keep them safe.

DO THE RESEARCH!!!22q baby


NOTE: This is a post from a parent concerned about her children and your children. It is all my thoughts and worries for the future.

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