Getting Vinyl to stick to textured walls…

Sticking Vinyl to Textured Walls

I shared a earlier this week about the ABC wall I did in the toy room. Read about it here. I ran into a huge problem when I checked in on it the next day. A bunch of the letters didn’t stick to the wall and had fallen off over night. although the the vinyl stuck to the wall it didn’t really stick to the wall.


I looked all over the internet looking for ideas on how to get the letters to stick to our very textured walls. A few of the suggestions were glue stick the letters on, roll a tennis ball over the letters, or use a hair dryer to soften the vinyl.

The idea of using a glue stick to help the letters adhere to the walls didn’t sound all grand to me. Unfortunately our dog had gotten to the last tennis ball so that wasn’t an option. Hair dryer it is!

As you can see in the picture about, the “S” on the left has a bubbly texture, while the M and S on the right have a smoother texture. I warmed the letters up with the hair dryer, then promptly pressed the letter to the wall using a towel. I did rub it to make sure it stuck itself firmly to the wall and bumps.


They have now been stuck on the wall for the past week and a half and not one fell off. Some of the edges have curled up, but with a press of my finger they promptly stuck themselves back on.


What a difference a little heat makes. If you were struggling like me to get vinyl to stick to your textured walls, I highly recommend a hair dryer and a small towel to help you wrestle it in place.


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