My Weekend Vinyl Project.

A little project I did this weekend was finally hanging our family pictures up. I procrastinated on getting them hung. We have plaster walls in our home and I dread making any sort of hole in the walls. One day a light bulb went off and I was like use Command Strips! I use them to hang Christmas decorations and have never had a problem with them before. Once I decided to use the strips it took less than a week to get the frames hung.

I also used the vinyl I had gotten in the January Cricut Mystery Box to make our wall art. It was a tad tricky trying to work around the huge air vent in the wall. I think it works well. The difficult part was deciding what we wanted on the walls. Once we figured it out, it took about an hour to cut, weed, and apply the vinyl to the wall.

Now praying the vinyl sticks to the wall because I don’t really want to take the blow dryer to it. These walls are not as textured as the walls where I did the ABC’s. (NOTE: The vinyl has been up for two days and none of the letters have FALLEN off. A few ends came unstuck, but with a little finger press they are stuck back on)